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Cocktail of the Week: Bill Samuels Special

Updated: Jun 10

Bill Samuels Special

My inspiration for this drink comes from a mix of one of the classic cocktails with a little tropical touch. Whiskey sour base but with an extra tropical essence.⁠

Even for the macaron I put the whisky as a base for the crunchy biscuit part, a vanilla note, like a Maker's Mark aroma, and a touch of Saba, to give extra sweetness and acid part.⁠

The name is a real tribute to Bill Samuels, the man who discovered the flavor known, today, to be Maker's Mark whisky.⁠


1 1/4 Oz Maker's Mark® Bourbon whisky⁠

3/4 Oz Alamea Peach Brandy⁠

1 Oz Pineapple juice⁠

1/2 Oz Passion fruit puree⁠

1/2 Oz Lime juice⁠

1/4 Oz Simple syrup ⁠

Shake and double strain in a cup glass⁠

On the side, a Macaron dessert made with Maker's Mark® Bourbon whisky Vanilla and Saba in a small pipette.⁠





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