I have taken many steps, sometimes crossing different countries, but everything has been. . .exciting and overwhelming


Campari Competition 2013

How to describe the first competition? I remember my mood as if it were yesterday. I was thrilled and frightened at the same time. I wasn't afraid of losing because I wasn't interested in the outcome. It was already a goal to be there. The only thing I feared was the opinion of the judges. A little trembling in the hands just before starting and then all linear like a scene from a film already seen. Once I got my tools in hand, calm took hold of me and I gave my best, gathering appreciation from the spectators. Participation in the competition was a springboard.

Diageo World Class 2014

Another fantastic experience! In every competition I have a different feeling and it is always a way to mesure if you are skilfull enough when your performance is in comparation with those of other bartenders. When you take part in a competition, it could happen that an important manager after watching your performance, call you to work in their company. This means that you have chances when you show your skills. As a result, we need to be the best for us, of course, but for public as well. We work with people and our ability to do a good drink depend to their taste.

Bar Convent Berlin 2018

Awsome! With my employer, business partner and friend I took part at BCB event, an International Bar & Beverage Trade Show. We showed all products of Alamea Exotic Infusion brand made by Casoni Italian company. We Knew a lot of people who appreciated the flavours and, after that day, we took Alamea around the world quickly. It was born in italy, where it is still produced, and it achieved the United States in a few months. I am sure, in the picture we are thinking: "Great job bro!".   

Experience & Expertise

Where I put my footprints

2008 | 2012


As a very young man I started my career as a bartender in a small town close to Modena, in the North of Italy, where I was born. My first teacher's name is Mirco. He offered me the opportunity to know the world of bartending, helping me to lay the right foundations to become a skilled bartender while maintaining a humble and at the same time enterprising approach. (Freccia Bar - Piumazzo, IT)

2012 | 2014

Head Bartender and Bar Manager

Next step, a cocktail bar with an innovative concept, regarding cocktails' preparation, mixed with the vintage design that characterized the local.  (Tubooza Café - Vignola, IT)

2014 | 2015


Elegant, unique, romantic and perfect. This is Soho House, one of my most boastful. It was a unique experience. I learned team building systems and how to use operating systems different to Italy. My knowledge both in the world of merchandise and in the personal sphere has greatly expanded. (Soho House - London, UK)

2016 - 2018


I met Daniele della Pola and obviously Tiki culture. A small paragraph is too short to describe that adventure in the heart of Bologna, at the Nu Lounge Bar. Cocktails, background of the restaurant, design of the menu and many other ingredients are founded together allowing the customer an evening all over Tiki, transporting him to a different era. (Nu Lounge Bar - Bologna, IT)


Bar Manager

I could say that I feel like I was in my natural habitat where I finally practice everything I've learned over the years. Everything I have seen, appreciated, studied of Tiki culture, comes to life here welcoming customers warmly. Hundreds of types of Rum owned by the local, various flavors' combinations and a competent team are the three key words at Esotico Miami. Its design is completely tropical as well as dishes and cocktails. You cannot miss this opportunity, come! (Exotic Miami - Miami, Florida, US).





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